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Traffic Light

Whether you live in a small town or a busy suburban city, you know the importance of the traffic light, and how imperative it is that drivers pay attention to them. Most intersections require cars to stop and look before going through an intersection, and while some only use a simple stop sign, more busy and dangerous areas use a traffic light. The concept of traffic lights is that they’re based on a timer system. This system counts the average amount of cars that travel through the light from all directions, and calculates how long the light should stay red or green. Once one directional light turns yellow, it warns other cars to prepare to stop, and then when it turns red, the opposite traffic light then turns green, allow oncoming traffic to pass through.

Obeying a traffic light is essential for safe driving. If you run through a red light, you run the risk of being hit by another vehicle which can cause serious injuries. In addition, many cities now impose even stricter penalties for people who disobey traffic lights. If you feel you may not be able to make it through a light when it turns yellow, it is probably best to slow down and stop before it’s too late. This way you’re safe and sure no one coming from another direction has a chance of hitting your car. With more and more cities implementing more traffic lights along the busy streets, being aware of any traffic patterns or new changes is important and integral to good driving. Even when crossing through a green-lighted intersection, it’s best to try and look both ways just to be sure no one else is running a red light, which could pose a danger to you and your passengers. Simple careful observations can make passing through a traffic light a safe and easy experience.

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