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Strobe Light

A strobe light is a bright, quickly pulsating light designed to produce large amounts of flashing within a very short period of time. Usually, you may see a strobe light at places such as a nightclub, dance club or bar. Strobe lights are also commonly used in theatres (for plays), and in navigation systems. When someone dances or moves in front of a strobe light, although the light appears to be flashing very quickly, the person moving looks as if they are going in slow motion. This effect has become a popular dance style called strobing, and is an actual form of movement that many people have adopted in clubs. The first strobe light was created in 1931 and was originally used in scientific studies to observe things in motion, such as a flying bullet, moth, or bird. The use of the fast pulsating lights captured images in a way that each movement could be recorded and detected.

It’s important to note that some people, particularly those who are epileptic, have a tendency to experience dangerous seizures when exposed to any kind of strobe light. In some cases, even cartoons that contain a large amount of flashing can encourage seizures to happen. As a parent, try to avoid exposing your child to any kind of fast flashing lights, especially if they have been diagnosed with epilepsy. It is uncertain exactly what causes this to happen, but the facts remain that it can be dangerous. Strobe lights can project an air of excitement, enticing people to enter into clubs that have these lights flashing inside. It gives people the impression that there is some action happening, and entices visitors to come and check out what is going on inside. The strobe light has become a real symbol for parties and excitement.

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