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Safety Lights

Your safety on the roads and highways is very important, and the help of lights can assist you in being sure you are seen by other motorists. Safety lights also help you to be sure that officials such as police officers, roadside assistance, ambulance drivers, or even fire trucks are able to see you better. Probably the most commonly known safety lights are typically called hazards. Hazards are a pair of blinking lights at the back of the vehicle that flash constantly when a motorist is in trouble. Usually there is a special button that allows the driver to activate the hazards when they are experiencing car problems or need to go slower or get off the road. These lights let people around you know that you are having problems and can really help to avoid any more accidents from occurring.

Of course, hazards aren’t the only valuable safety lights used in an emergency. Things such as flares always come in handy if you ever encounter yourself stranded on the side of the road. Flares look like small sticks of dynamite and they are designed to make your car extremely visible, particularly when the sun goes down. Flares are meant to be placed OUTSIDE the car on the ground, usually around the back of the car, indicating that traffic should try and go around or pull away from the stopped car to avoid hitting it. Safety lights are very useful in warning people of a situation when it happens, or letting emergency personnel know that they need assistance. They draw attention to those in need, and make others aware of their surroundings. These lights have been known to save lives, and are an invaluable resource when it comes to being sure you’re safe on the road in any kind of situation or weather condition.

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