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Red Light

Red is not only the color of passion, but it is also a color that represents warning. Stop signs are red, as are many hazardous materials and other signs, encouraging people to pay extra careful attention. Perhaps that is why the red light was chosen for traffic stops. As a child we learn that we must stop the car whenever we see a red light. This is something inherent in our minds from a young age, so when we get older and begin driving, we know the repercussions that could happen if we disobey this important signal. Unfortunately many accidents happen each year because people ignore or run right through a red light. The purpose of the light is to give other cars the right of way temporarily, forcing drivers coming in another direction to stop and wait their turn.

Of course, red light doesn’t have to only represent traffic signals. Many places such as bars and clubs use red lights to create a specific environment. It is also known as a very sensual color. Many major cities have what’s known as a red light district. This area is usually popular for shady hotels, drugs, and prostitution. Perhaps the idea of red being both a warning and an alluring color go hand in hand when this term was coined. No matter how it’s used, the red light makes a bold statement. In traffic instances, today many cities are adding on cameras to record vehicles that choose to run through the red lights. At some point, it seemed that the color alone was enough to deter people from driving recklessly. However, the installation of these cameras was deemed necessary by several districts to discourage drivers from breaking the law. No matter what context it’s used in, the red light is a bold and brazen symbol of passion.

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