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Pool Table Lights

A good game of pool is a favorite pastime of many Americans. Of course, most of the time, pool is played at night when it’s dark outside, and when it’s nice and dimly lit inside the pool hall or bar. With that said, pool table lights are an absolute necessity in order to see the game being played, and to properly see the table. Most pool table lights hang as one pendant style light directly over the pool table. These usually have a beer logo on them, or they can be solid colors or made of brass. The single light provides just enough light for players to see a small pool table. There are also lights that come with many different smaller lights, usually in groups of three or four. These pool table lights are especially good for larger, regulation sized tables. This way, enough light covers each end of the table and all the way in the middle for better vision while playing.

Depending upon the style chosen, pool table lights can come in a variety of styles. The most popular style is the Tiffany style, which resembles a stained glass look. Today, the tiffany style lights can also represent sports teams or particular brands of beer. Another popular style for pool table lights is glass fixtures with wrought iron hanging ballasts. It’s important to choose lights that have a strong mounting fixture included, otherwise dangerous accidents can occur if the light is not hung securely or properly. A typical price for good pool table lights varies from around $100 all the way up to $500 and in some cases, even higher. It often depends on the material and style of the lights chosen. Business owners can usually purchase the lights at a discounted price if they are buying many wholesale.

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