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Neon Lights

A real symbol of business in American towns is definitely the neon light. This brightly glowing light is most commonly seen in the windows of bars and taverns all across the country. Many times, the light is in the shape of a beer logo, and in many other instances, it simply says OPEN. No matter what the color or shape, neon lights entice us to come inside where there is fellowship and often consumption of alcohol to boot. But neon lights are not just meant for bars alone. Their super bright shine has allured many to use them in other cases, such as underneath cars or around clock faces. So what makes neon lights so unique and special? Neon is a form of gas, and these tubular lights hold the gas inside. When an electric voltage is applied, it reacts to the gases, causes an ultra bright glow. Typically, neon glows red, but when the right combination of other gases are added, it can change its colors to almost any hue.

Today, neon lights can be formed into just about any shape and any word imaginable. That’s why they’ve become a popular choice for businesses to display in their windows. Neon tends to attract and interest people, luring them in for a drink, dinner, or even a hair appointment. Many tanning salons choose to use neon lights as advertising as well. There are many companies who can make custom neon signs for merchants. Gone are the days where the selection was limited to only OPEN or BUDWEISER. Now, just about every shape under the sun can be created, and any logo or wording style as well. Neon lights can make us feel welcome and comfortable, assuring us that whatever time it happens to be the door is open for all to enter.

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