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Light Saber

Any fan of the Star Wars saga knows that the light saber is a symbol of strength and power. It is the tool that is wielded in the fiercest and most passionate of battles. The light saber is real proof that someone has reached prominent status, and is used to fight in some of the best scenes of the Star Wars movies. While most of us in the real world will never own an official light saber, it’s nice to pretend and fantasize about being a real Jedi. A typical light saber consists of the handle and blade. The handle usually has two buttons: one to power up the saber, and one to control the length of it. It is usually a heavy metal material that is typically silver in color. The blade emits a bright, iridescent light that can be a myriad of colors, depending on which side you are fighting for.

Star Wars has become such an amazingly huge cult hit, that many people today long to have a light saber of his or her own. Luckily, many different manufacturers have created this weapon of choice in a variety of styles. If you’re the staunch collector, you will probably opt for the replica piece that looks just like the handle and nothing else. This item is typically placed in a display case for show only. Others might choose to purchase the light saber with real light up action and sound. These sabers actually power up, make realistic noises, and light up in different colors, depending on which character’s light saber you choose to buy. Then of course, there are countless Star Wars light saber toys available for purchase for the smaller Jedi in your life. No matter which style light saber you choose, you’ll know that the force is with you when you hold it in your hand.

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