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Light Bulbs

While the candle was used for a main source of interior light for hundreds of years, the invention of light bulbs has made using light inside much easier. Today, there are many different kinds of light bulbs. Everything from soft light, to colored light, to bright halogen lights are used in various different lamps and ceiling lights. Deciding on which light bulb to purchase depends solely on what kind the light will take. Most lights use a 60 watt light bulb, which provides just enough light to see comfortably. Some lights can use up to 100 watts or higher, but be sure you know what your light can handle before buying a bulb this bright. Other lamps and lights use stronger powered light bulbs such as halogen. Halogen provides a long-lasting, bright light that focuses the light on certain areas.

Other forms of light bulbs include outdoor lighting such as floodlights. Floodlights are mainly used to light up a front or back porch, and can allow you to see outside at night. Motion light bulbs can also be purchased. These special bulbs are made to activate whenever any kind of motion is detected, and can be a great source of security. Many porch lights are motion activated to save energy. With technology developing new forms of light bulbs all the time, it’s easier now than ever to find some that are much more energy efficient, saving you a lot of money on your power bill. Colored light bulbs can add pizzazz and personality to any room. Look for pretty pastel colored bulbs in shades such as pink, yellow, and even blue. No matter what kind of light bulb you use, you can be sure it will provide plenty of light to read, eat, or spend time with the family by and produce hours of wonderful illumination.

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