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Holiday Lights

Wreaths, garlands, and mistletoe are just a few beautiful things we use to decorate our homes during the holiday season. But nothing brightens up this special time of year quite like holiday lights. The bright twinkling glow of warm lights makes everything feel more cozy and beautiful. Holiday lights can vary from the delicate and dainty to the extreme and outrageous. Most of all the beauty of the lights that shine during the holiday season remind us of our childhood, and make us remember the spirit of the season. Many people like to light up “faux candles” and place them in the windows. Most of these small candles run on AA batteries and use a small light bulb. The result is a beautiful effect that looks just like real candle light shining from the windows. Not to mention they are much safer than traditional candles which can be a fire hazard. Of course, there are other fine examples of holiday lights that many of us recognize, like string lights. These small lights are hung both inside on the Christmas tree, and outside around the house to light up the neighborhood.

Holiday lights can be pretty, simple white lights or they can burst with a rainbow of beautiful colors. Either way, they serve as a beacon of celebration and togetherness. Many people like to drive around and look at the lights that others have put up to celebrate the season. It gives us all a sense of togetherness and happiness. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the bright shining lights that have been an American tradition for many years. They put a big smile on our faces and a light in our hearts, showing us that the joy of the season can be a shining beacon for all to see.

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