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Halogen Light Bulbs

Most of us still use the typical 60-watt light bulb found in just about every mass retail store. However, over the last couple of decades, halogen light bulbs have really increased in popularity. These bulbs tend to last a longer and produce a much brighter, more focused light. Halogen light bulbs are filled with a gas, usually iodine or bromine. Because the bulbs are filled with a gas, they tend to run at higher temperatures when lit. An interesting fact to know is that most halogen light bulbs emit UV rays, which can be harmful if the bulb is not underneath some sort of protective glass. If you purchase a fixture that uses halogen light bulbs, be sure it comes with the protective layer of glass over it, or be sure that the bulb itself does. It’s also important to remember that these bulbs can be a fire hazard because of the high temperatures, so be sure to always turn them off when you are not in the room or they are not in use.

There are some wonderful plus sides to using halogen light bulbs, however. The most obvious one of all is their shelf life. The bulbs typically last at least a year or two, maybe longer, while the traditional light bulb usually only lasts a few months at best. The downside is that these bulbs are much more expensive, typically ranging from eighteen up to almost thirty dollar per bulb. In addition, they are not interchangeable with most light fixtures. Many halogen bulbs are made differently to fit different fixtures so they are not really a one size fits all type of bulb. Fluorescent lights have the longest life span of all light bulbs, but halogen comes in at a close second, making them a viable choice for your home lighting needs.

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