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Grow Lights

Growing plants indoors can be quiet a challenge, especially if those plants needs a certain amount of sunlight. Grow lights are specially made lights designed to take the place of sunlight, allowing plants to flourish and grow healthy in an interior environment. There are a variety of different grow lights, each one made for different types of plants. For example, spot lights usually direct the light in one specific area, and are mainly used for things such as individual tropical plants or even smaller sized herb gardens. Another type of grow light is the ever-popular fluorescent light. These lights are much brighter than the traditional bulb, and are excellent for new seedlings, leafy veggies, and other plants that are not very high (usually ones that grow less than twelve inches tall). For those really serious indoor gardeners, there are high intensity lights that produce a replicated light very close to that of the sun. This is usually used for larger gardens such as greenhouses.

Grow lights are also very commonly used in hydroponics. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants completely underwater without the use of soil. Although soil is not needed, light most certainly is. That is why you’ll see grow lights most typically sold in places where they promote hydroponics. The benefits of using grow lights are extensive. First, the amount, distance, and length of time that light is exposed to your plants can be totally controlled. Second, they come in handy during the winter months when flowers or other sensitive plants can be brought inside. Additionally, they make wonderful tools to use during the first stages of growing, when things must be just right. Many times we can’t control the weather or how much sunlight our plants get, but with grow lights we can have more control over how much and how often our plants are exposed to much-needed light.

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