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Emergency Lights

In the event of a serious emergency, there are various things that everyone should have with them in order to get help quickly and effectively. Emergency lights are absolutely an important part of this plan. For example, every car has its own hazard lights which are also known as emergency lights. These bright flashing, blinking lights let other drivers know the vehicle is experiencing problems, and also allows people to see the car more easily on the road. In addition, it alerts police officers of someone having automobile difficulties. Another example of effective emergency lights are flares. These objects resemble what looks like an orange stick of dynamite. When lit, bright yellow sparks fly out of the tip of the flares, and then they are usually placed on the ground around the car so that others can see where to drive around to avoid hitting the vehicle. Flares are also very effective to getting attention when in distress, even out on the water.

Of course, cars are not the only things that use emergency lights. Take shopping malls, hospitals, and movie theaters for example. Most major exit doors have bright flashing lights mounted above the exit signs so that in the event of some kind of emergency, people can see clearly where to exit the building. Police cars, fire trucks, and rescue vehicles also use emergency lights to alert other drivers of their presence on the road. They also create a sense of urgency so that people know they need to reach their destination quickly and that other cars need to move out of the way. The power of light is evident when we use it in ways to show others that a sense of urgency and awareness is needed. Emergency lights are an effective way to make a statement without even saying a single word.

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