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Disco Lights

One thing that makes the disco era stand out and stay fresh in everyone’s mind is the ambience that was always in the clubs of that time. Particularly, disco lights became a symbol of the 70’s dance craze, and are still a real novelty today. Perhaps the most popular of all disco lights isn’t even really a light. The disco ball is a large ball with lots of small mirrors attached to it. It is usually hung from the ceiling, and light is projected onto it. As the disco ball spins, the light reflects off of all the mirrors, causing a really cool effect of dancing lights all over the walls, ceiling, and floors. Of course, there are other lights that many people remember, such as the ball light. This light is a black plastic light with holes in it; each hole has a different colored lens. When the inside light source is turned on, the ball spins around and the light from inside comes out in all different colors, again projecting itself throughout the room.

Perhaps when people think of disco lights, they also think of things such as lava lamps or other novelties. All of these different kinds of wild lights stand to serve as symbols of a musical time when dancing was fun and people were funky and fancy free. In fact, most disco style lights are still used in dance clubs, and today you can even buy different disco lights of your very own! Most retailers sell at least the smaller versions, while some even carry the full sized disco balls. The impact that this time period had still shows because this type of merchandise still sells fairly well. In fact, most audio and lighting wholesalers sell these fun, vibrant lights as well, so you can have a disco anywhere, anytime you feel like dancing.

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