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Decorative Night Lights

While the purpose of night lights are to give us a small source of light at night, to comfort children when they are afraid of the dark, and to light up hallways or other rooms at night so that we can navigate around them, they can also be pretty accents for our rooms as well. Decorative night lights are very popular for people who want to integrate the light with a sense of style. Popular choices for decorative night lights are ones that resemble small stained glass squares. The night light is in a certain pattern or picture, and when it is lit in a darkened room, the pattern or picture is reflected onto the wall to create a beautiful shadow effect. These night lights look beautiful both during the day and at night. Natural rock such as agate is another popular choice for decorative night lights. This colorful rock is cut into thin round sheets and attached to the night light. When it is lit, the light shines through behind it, emanating the colors of the rock into the room for a nice, calming effect.

Sun catchers can also be used to make decorative night lights and can actually be made on your own. Simply attach a small sun catcher (you can either make one yourself or buy one you like) to a standard night light and watch as the light shines through it to make a pretty glowing picture. This is a common choice for night lights that adds color and a nice design. There are literally hundreds of different styles of decorative night lights available. Most of these night lights can be found in gift stores, online, or in mass retail stores. You can add a sense of security and comfort while maintaining a beautiful home by choosing the perfect night light that is both functional and attractive.

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