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Dark Light

The term dark light may sound like an ironic twisted phrase that makes little sense. Although there are also terms similar such as black light, dark light is really not much more than a phrase that has been coined by many to make a statement. Perhaps the most popular current use of the term dark light is by the wildly popular Swedish band HIM, whose first album was named as such. Before then, the term was more than likely much less well known. In addition, there are characters on the popular television show Charmed who are known as “darklighters.” These characters are considered the “bad guys” on the show, and the term is also used in folklore when spoken in relation to those living and dwelling within the underworld. It also represents those who side with demons and things related to the darker side.

Another way that the term dark light can be used is in photography. The shades of dark and light, particularly in black and white photography, can be striking and beautiful. Dark light means the photo has just enough light to show detail, but it is not overwhelming and overpowering so as to destroy the natural image itself. This is also known as low-light photography. This style of picture-taking uses minimal exposure when capturing photos so that the level of light entering into the lens is very small. This can create a stunning display of shadows and textures that may not be seen when taking pictures under normal light conditions. Many media companies, photographers, and artists like to use the term dark light because of its originality and because it exhibits a more subtle, mellow vibe. Although this term seems to be a bit of an oxymoron, its uniqueness has a profound effect on everyone who hear it.

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