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Bicycle Lights

When riding your bike, particularly at night, there are two very important things to remember: you always want to be able to see properly, and you always want to be sure that others can see you properly. Bicycle lights help to serve this purpose. In most places, these lights are actually required by law if someone is to be out riding their bike at night. What type of light you choose for your bike is entirely up to you. Bicycle lights come in a variety of styles, brightness factors, and even colors. Of course, back blinking LED lights are very important so that oncoming cars will know you are there. Depending on the law in your city or state, you may want to look into what the legal requirements are. Bikes are considered vehicles, so police officers do pay attention to those on their bikes just like those in their cars. At minimum you should have what is required by law attached to your bicycle.

There are a great many different kinds of front bicycle lights to choose from. Whether you opt for two large battery powered headlight style lights or a smaller, singular light, it’s nice to have lights at the front to help guide you. Most commonly, cyclists choose either bright yellow or red as front lights. LED headlights are a very popular choice and provide bright consistent and adequate lighting. LED bicycle lights last much longer than those requiring batteries, and you run much less of a risk of them dying on you while you’re out riding around. Battery powered lights can be more expensive in the long run since you’ll have to change the batteries at regular intervals. No matter what kind you choose, bicycle lights are an invaluable part of your biking adventure, and can really help to save lives when used on a regular basis.

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