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Aquarium Lights

If you own a fish tank or an aquarium, you know the importance of using aquarium lights for your tank. These lights provide not only an aesthetically pleasing glow to your fish tank, but they also supply warmth and a form of artificial sunlight for your fish and plants. Generally, aquarium lights fall into two categories: fluorescent and incandescent. Fluorescent lights tend to run cooler and use slightly less energy than their counterparts. Whichever type of aquarium lights you use, it’s important to try and remember to turn them off whenever you are not home, or they are simply not needed. This is because too much light over the tank will encourage algae growth, which can be harmful for the fish. An abundance of algae can make water murky and cause the fish to have a very difficult time breathing.

Another important tip when using aquarium lights is to remember not to depend on the lights alone to heat the water. Overall, these lights are used to brighten up the fish tank so that you and others may enjoy it. However, the lights will not provide sufficient heat for the water, so be sure to buy a separate water heater for the tank so that the fish’s environment is kept at the proper temperature. Depending upon how far you want to go, you can purchase aquarium lights in a variety of colors. Blues and greens seem to be the most popular behind regular white lights. Just remember to select lights that will be long enough to cover the width of your aquarium, and that they are waterproof and made especially for aquariums. Anything else can be dangerous and a possible fire hazard. With some looking around, you should be able to find the perfect aquarium lights that will make your tank look beautiful.

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