eChandelier and Lights

Aside from the natural light of the sun, mankind has been using the light bulb now for over a century. Whether we need them to read by, highlight our yards, or whether they are there to provide us safety, lights play a huge role in our every day lives. Not only is lighting essential to see at night, it is also a wonderful tool for decorating our homes and providing an environment that makes us comfortable. Lighting can also be used as an expression. When the holiday season approaches, we use lights to show our joy and excitement for the coming of Christmas day. Lights provide a sense of awareness. They let others know we are driving, need assistance, or are just there on the roads. They help us to flag down help when we need it, and show drivers the way late at night.

We use lights in just about every situation imaginable: from playing pool to dance hall excitement, from emergencies to light sabers. Light brings us joy and shows others that we may be in pain. It signifies the beginning of the day, and extends into our lives at the end of the day. Light provides comfort to children and assistance to those who cannot see. It sets the mood for our homes and also sets the mood for restaurants and other public places. There are special lights for literally thousands of uses. We tend to take for granted this precious resource, and many choose to save electricity by using solar lights. The sun provides us natural light, and this can be passed onto solar lights to use at night. No matter how you view it, lighting is an important tool that allows us to work, play, decorate, and be safe. Without it we would be much less better off, and because of it our lives are enriched.

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